Fans Sydney, professionally installed by leading Sydney fan installations specialist, JBG Electrical Services, for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

JBG has been installing fans in Sydney and the surrounding region for well over a decade.

Our electrical fan installations company is family owned and we are large enough to be affordable and small enough to care.

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Trusted Brands

Here, at JBG Electrical Services, we only use the most trusted and reliable fan products in the marketplace as we know that a quality fan is of the utmost importance to you.

However, you may have already purchased your fans and only need it installed. If this is the case, we are on standby to make sure it is installed correctly and promptly.

Residential Fan Installations Sydney

Sydney residential fan installations, which include wall and ceiling fan systems for homes, units, villas, and even duplexes, are provided by JBG Electrical Services.

Our Sydney home electrical fan installations are provided by our skillful electricians who specialize in the installation and wiring of wall fans, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, bathroom heater fans and much more.

Commercial Fan Installations Sydney

Sydney commercial fan installations, which include commercial wall and ceiling fan installations for retail shops, supermarkets, offices, and even day care facilities, are provided by JBG Electrical Services.

We have a high level of experience in the Sydney commercial fan installations sector where our efficient electricians specialize in the installation and wiring of all types of wall and ceiling fans as well as exhaust fans.

Industrial Fan Installations Sydney

Sydney industrial fan installations, which include electrical wall and ceiling fan systems for warehouses, factories, industrial units, and even hospitals, are provided by JBG Electrical Services.

Our team of industry specific electricians specialize in the installation and wiring of all types of electrical systems that include wall and ceiling fans and exhaust systems.


Need a quick fan installation quote? Either call us direct on 0425 372 561 or, fill in your requirements on our quick quote form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


    The benefits of using thermal imaging allows us to be able to identify potential risks in electrical and mechanical parts, allowing us to be proactive in remedying all issues before they happen.


    When choosing your electrician for the installation of your electrical fan system, it is important to make sure they are licensed, experienced and reliable.

    JBG Electrical Services ticks all those boxes and more. Having been in the industry for well over a decade has allowed us to refine our processes to exactly what our customers are looking for.

    Licensed Electricians

    All our electrical service technicians are licensed electricians to install, repair and maintain all types of electrical fans for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Sydney.

    Experienced & Skilled

    With over a decade of experience in the installation of fans including residential, commercial and industrial ceiling fans and exhaust fans. JBG Electrical Services are skilled to get the job done right.

    Clean Electricians

    We pride ourselves on being clean electricians. Any mess that is made by us, we will clean up thoroughly so that you wont even know we were there. Nobody wants a dirty electrician and, we understand that.

    Blue Cards

    All our electricians hold a Blue Card which is of the utmost importance for residential work as this assures the customer that your electrician is family friendly and your children are safe.

    Customer Excellence

    We strive to be the best in customer excellence by making the customer our number one priority. We understand the importance of listening and explaining each job in detail keeping you in the loop at every turn.

    Prompt & Affordable

    What has kept our business on the frontline of the electrical services industry is the fact that we make sure we turn up when we say we do. We believe that being reliable and responsible is the secret to providing an exceptional service.

    Skilled Electrician Sydney

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